10 Creative Easter Ideas for Kids: Make This Easter Egg-stra Special!

Easter is a time for joy, renewal, and creating lasting memories with our loved ones, especially our children. To make this Easter egg-stra special, we've curated 10 delightful ideas to celebrate Easter with young kids. Let's dive into a world of fun-filled activities and create magical moments that will be cherished for years to come.


1. Bunny Bait Notes:


Create enticing bunny bait notes on a computer on paper to attract Easter bunnies into your home. These adorable printables add a touch of magic to your Easter preparations and ignite excitement in your little ones' hearts. Add a little tube of oats and cake decorations in a small class vial and attach to the card.  Print, cut & add your food and voila you are easter bunny ready!


Bunny Bait Printables

2. Easter Egg Decorating:


Get creative with Easter egg decorating! From traditional dyeing to innovative techniques like decoupage and glitter, let your kids unleash their creativity and decorate Easter eggs to their heart's content.


3. Easter Crafts:


Engage in DIY Easter crafts with your kids, from making Easter bunny masks to crafting colourful Easter baskets. These creative activities build upon their imagination and promote bonding between you and them.


4. Easter Tokens:


Introduce redeemable Easter tokens that kids can exchange for various activities like game nights, baking sessions, movie screenings, picnics, and adventure days. These tokens add an element of fun and anticipation to Easter celebrations. Make your own or why not use these ones we have in store.


Easter Printable Tokens


5. Outdoor Egg Hunt:


Organise an exciting outdoor egg hunt adventure for your kids. Hide Easter eggs filled with treats and treasures in your backyard or local park, and watch as your little ones embark on an exhilarating quest to find them all.


6. Easter-themed Baking:


Indulge in delicious Easter-themed baking activities with your kids. From baking Easter cookies to decorating cupcakes with colourful frosting and sprinkles, let your kids unleash their inner bakers and enjoy the sweet rewards of their labour. Here are some recipes you might like to try.


7. Planting Easter Flowers:


Celebrate the beauty of spring by planting Easter flowers in your garden with your kids. Whether it's planting tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths, gardening together creates a sense of responsibility and appreciation for nature. Here is a Paint & Plant Children’s Gardening Kit that might be an extra fun activity for the kids whilst they plant their flowers. 


8. Printable Easter Bunny Letter:


Surprise your kids with Easter bunny letters, filled with messages of love and encouragement from the Easter bunny himself. These letters create magical moments and bring smiles to children's faces. You can create your own at home or use our premade letters that are super adorable below.


Adorable Bunny Letter Written For Your Kids

9.  Easter-themed Colouring Pages:


Keep your kids entertained with Easter-themed colouring pages. Print out cute Easter colouring sheets you can find online and let your kids unleash their creativity with colours and crayons. Or alternatively you can get our colouring printables we have in store below which are guaranteed to keep the little ones busy.


Easter Colouring Book

10.  Easter actvity sheets:


Entertain little kids with a collection of fun Easter-themed mini games, including word scrambles, I Spy games, and Easter scavenger hunts. These activities promise lots of enjoyment and laughter for your little ones.


Fun Easter Activity Printables