Wake Up Your Makeup- ‘Thodea, Goddess Of Tranquillity’ – Gold, Silver, And Copper Metallic Eye Look

Need inspiration for simple eye makeup looks that literally, anyone can do?


Then follow along with my 'wake up your makeup series', which will give you heaps of fun achievable looks that will make your eyes dazzle and sparkle the whole day through.


This is look number one.


Let's brighten up the winter days with some gorgeous tutorials for shimmers, metallics, and beautiful shades.


This look is called Thodea - Goddess of Tranquility. I just feel I need to give my looks some deep and meaningful names. ๐Ÿ˜€ Do excuse my extraness ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Step One


Once my eyes are primed, I take a small crease brush and dip it into a light gold colour, I am using 'considerate' in my beloved palette 3 which you can purchase here. I use window wiper motions to blend it into the crease.

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Once I have built the colour up to the brightness I want, I use a clean fluffy blending brush to soften out the edges in an upwards circular motion.

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Step Two


Using my fingertip, I am applying a metallic silver shimmer straight to the lid and patting it gently all over. This shade will brighten the eye area and make my eyes look bigger. It is OK to build up to 2 to 3 layers until you get the right intensity you want.

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Step Three


Now onto defining the outer corner of your eye. This step makes those eyes pop. I am using 'inexpressible' from the same beloved palette volume 3, a copperish shade, and I am using a clean crease brush to place that colour outwards and up towards the brow.

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These shades, all combined, are elegant! They do have a sense of tranquillity about them, don't you agree?

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Step Four


Now taking my little eyeliner brush, I am dipping back into that light gold colour and gently sweeping it under the eye to pull the look together more cohesively. I use small strokes to build up the colour and thickness I desire.

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Step Five


I apply my eyeliner in black and two coats of twisted epic mascara, to really finish off the look.

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Bonus Step


Using my beloved palette volume 3, I am applying the shade 'heartwarming' to my cheeks. This palette is so versatile, and I love how easy it is to blend into my cheek.

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You only need the teeniest amount, and it looks a wee bit severe, the colour when first applied, but it blends within minutes into the apples of your cheeks to give an instant healthy glow. So do not panic. Gently blend using circular motions till you get a lovely soft pinky blush. I am in love!

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This is the final look, so gorgeous and shimmery. The best part is it is so easy to apply and blend. Perfect for moms who need to get up and out the door asap!


Comment below if these colours are something you would love to try.

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Thanks for checking out my tutorial today, if it inspired you please share it with your friends. Have a fantastic day, week, month wherever you may be in the world.


Remember every day is a new day, take a deep breath, smile and start all over again. Bring the inspiration and magic always.

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Watch the video tutorial here ๐Ÿ™‚