Wake Up Your Make-Up Look Two – Caone Goddess of Youth – Silver, gold and green eyeshadow tutorial

If you like shimmery metallics and 5-minute look's to get you out the door fast, then read on.


I am such a lover of simple, quick and natural eye looks, and today I have gone for another easy look to achieve.

I will be exploring the Moodstruck Beloved palette volume 3 and the Moodstruck Addiction palette 8. The beloved palette is full of molten metallics, and the addiction palette is full of golds, sunny oranges and a beautiful luscious dark green. I love to mix and match my palettes to create different looks, so stay tuned for more blogs like this one.

Let's dive into today's tutorial.


Step One

I will be applying the transition shade in colour 'Bewitched', a gorgeous gold metallic shimmer.  These shadows are so velvety with an almost creamy texture and no fallout, so the bonus is- no mess! The palette can be picked up here,

Copy of Untitled (16)

I use a crease brush to sweep that colour along my eye's crease, building it up layer by layer to the colour I like. This gold colour is WOW!

Copy of Untitled (17)

Step Two

Using my fingertip, I will grab the colour 'Unselfish' a magical silver metallic shade. This colour is incredibly eye-catching in the right way. Make sure to blend it nicely into the transition shade, so it all flows together beautifully.

Copy of Untitled (18)

Step Three

Using my Moodstruck Addiction Palette No. 8, I will take my crease brush and dab it into this gorgeous luscious green shade.This shade is called 'Amazing', and it certainly is amazing.

Copy of Untitled (19)

Once I have patted the colour in place onto the outer corner of my eye, I use a blending brush with small circular movements to fade out the edges to make the green blend nicely into the rest of the shadows.

Copy of Untitled (27)

Step Four

Once everything is blended seamlessly together, I will be applying the shade invincible under my eye and along the top lash line.

Copy of Untitled (21)

Step Five

Next, I add my lash primer, which helps to condition the lashes and amplify them. It maximises my mascaras performance when used before. I let it sit on the lashes for 1 to 2 mins before grabbing my mascara.

Copy of Untitled (23)

Step Six

Now I add two coats of my  Epic 4D mascara. 

Copy of Untitled (24)

This mascara has little fibres inside that maximises length and volume. It is basically falsies without the 'false part'. It is awesome!

Copy of Untitled (28)

Here is the finished look. What do you think of this combo? Is this something you LOVE, or are you not feeling it?


Copy of Untitled (25)

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you did let me know. You can follow me on my Facebook too so we can chat!


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Watch the video tutorial here 🙂