Wake Up Your Make Up Look 3 – Alena, Goddess Of Fire – Gold, Fire Orange Make Up Tutorial

Spring is on its way. The snow has melted but I am heating things up today with my new summer look which is pure fire!


This look is incredibly easy to do. I will show you how to do this eyeshadow in a few simple steps using one palette which is on a bundle deal at the moment -February 2021 - grab it here.


Isn't this palette just so fun and vibrant. Imagine the different combos we can do with this palette!

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Step One


My eyes are primed and ready to rock and roll.

First, I will be applying the transition shade Revived, this beautiful happy gorgeous fiery orange shade. This will be such a warm, bold look; what a fab way to brighten up these dreary, gloomy wintery days. We had snow all last week, and I was longing for the hot sunshine-filled days, which has inspired this look.

Using my fluffy crease brush, I will apply this shade in sweeping motions across the crease, building up the colour and intensity as bold as I feel brave enough. Don't forget to blend the edges, though; you don't want harsh lines, but relatively soft, a delicate transition from shadow to skin.


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Step Two

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Using my fingertip, one of my fav techniques, I will be using the colour invincible, a yummy gold shimmer to glam up those eyelids. I am applying a couple of layers to build-up that colour into a lovely rich hue. This gold is wow!

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Step Three

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Next, I will be taking this dark burgundy colour called Profound and defining the outer corner, making my eyes look even more prominent. I want to add more drama, so I am building the colour slowly to get a bold, intense colour. I am sweeping that colour upwards and outwards towards the brow.

How beautiful are these colours combined?

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Step Four


Once I finish blending, I will take the colour revived with my small eyeliner brush and add that colour in a small line below the bottom lash line. This pulls the whole look together.

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Step Five


As we are going full-on drama mode, I am using my black pencil liner to line the upper lashline. I use small strokes to apply as it helps the eyeliner to go on more smooth and even.

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Step Six


Then onto two coats of my mascara for some Va VA voom lashes! I currently have a lash bundle on sale, check it out here (February 2021 only). I do love lots of length and volume in my lashes! Don't you?

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And voila, we are done for today's fiery summer goddess look. It is warm, rich and vibrant. I will be using this as my go-to look this summer.

Ahh, I can picture it now, sun, sandals, summer dresses, cocktails and the smell of the burgers sizzling on the barbecue.

Transport me to the future now please! <3

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Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my tutorial! You rock!


Have an amazing day, week, month where ever you may be in the world; and remember every day is a new day; smile, take a deep breath and start all over again. Bring the inspiration and magic always. Take care!


Watch The Video Tutorial Here