Unrealistic Body Standards And Their Effect On Mental Health

At one point in our lives, we all have looked at ourselves, wondering why we aren't lucky enough to look like Kylie Jenner. (or insert a celebrity body you love)

Yet the more you think this about yourself, the more it can cause damage to your mental health.

So let’s talk about standards and their dark side!

The ‘Perfect Body’

In this day and age, social media has a significant effect on how we look at ourselves, which tends to be mainly negative.

Social media platforms teach us that we all need to have a big bust and bum with a tiny waist- which is simply not a realistic body type.

However, when it's constantly shown all around you, it's nearly impossible to not compare yourself to the photoshopped beauties online or those who have paid thousands for their body to look a particular way.

There's nothing wrong with changing your body the way you want it; however, it has a big effect on our mental health as a society.

Plastic surgery has been around for many years but recently has hit an all-time craze.

Many celebrities and influencers promote unrealistic body types they got through surgery and claiming they achieved it by the latest advertising gimmick.

It’s rare to find people's true authentic self on social media when everyone is hidden behind filters.

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How You Can Deal With It


We all at one point craved having the perfect body, and most of us think the ideal body is what social media tells us.

In reality, there is no particular size or shape for a perfect body - a perfect body is catered to your own life - and everyone's is different.

You need to stop comparing yourself to others around you and focus on your health & happiness.

A straightforward way of doing this is to remove the negativity from the source - unfollow or unsubscribe from anything from your social media that makes you hate yourself.

You don’t need to waste your energy following pretty influencers to hate yourself afterwards, wondering why you don’t look like that!

Try following those who have a more realistic approach to social media, those who have a similar style and shape to you and who are happy - these are the people you should look up to!

Another way to help you feel better about your body is to stay active!

This doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym five days a week, but going for regular walks and keeping your body moving helps increase your endorphins as well as improving your body!

Staying active & making sure your body gets all the nutrition it needs daily helps a lot more than you realise; your body and mind will thank you for this!

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The sad fact is that society will never stop pushing the latest trends and telling us how our body needs to look to be ‘desirable’.

However, if you begin to focus on yourself and your own goals, and not what social media tells you - then you can achieve your OWN ideal body that works well for you.

Remove anything that you compare yourself to in a negative way - no one needs a reminder that they’re not the best - you are the best in YOUR life.