There has been a massive progression of society standards for women in the past 100 years, and it's incredible, but that doesn’t mean that we are yet equal in today’s society.

There are still many problems you can face as a woman in this day and age, and in my blog today, I will discuss some of the struggles women still face.

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How Women Are Treated Unequally


Although we no longer have to wear gloves or cover our knees as women did in the past, many issues still place women lower than men in our society’s structure.

Here are only a few examples that women have to deal with constantly to this day.

Unequal pay is still a big issue for women, as even in 2021, it is reported that there is an 18% difference between male and female pay.

You can work the same jobs, have the same skills as a man and earn less just because You are female!

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Dress codes in the workplace for women are also a major problem and unfair in our society.

Many employers expect a much different dress code for women than they do for men.

For example, doing your makeup, you have to wake up an hour prior to your work shift just for your employer to accept your face!

Many employers can also require women to have to wear heels to work, for a more ‘formal attire’, which is quite frankly ridiculous and tiring.

Women are able to look formal without having the need to wear heels or makeup - it also doesn’t affect the work you have to do!

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Harassment is also still a major issue in today's society for women, as many women have been harassed on a daily basis, often from beeping cars to men shouting provocative nonsense which can affect your life majorly.

Harassment can make your life ten times harder than it needs to be, you are constantly worried about walking home alone, or feel the need to ring a friend or just pay extra for a cab to avoid the risk.

As you can imagine, it's very tiring to have this built-up anxiety on your shoulders, Every. Single. Day.

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What Do Women Get Judged On


Not only are we still treated unequally, but there are also far more things women get judged on compared to men in our society.

One of the most frustrating things we have to deal with is being judged by what we wear.

If we show our body, we are too provocative, and if we hide it - we are prudes.

Somedays, you want to show your body, and why should that be a problem to our society?

Other days, you want to be covered and less feminine-looking; that doesn’t make you any less of a woman than you are.

Mannerisms are another unequal standard for women, as a man can belch for 10 seconds straight with the rest of your group laughing, and if you do it, it's classed as gross.

Our mannerisms and our body count is also set at a much higher standard than a man's.

Women cannot sleep with a certain number of guys without men thinking they’re easy or not ‘wife material.

This makes NO SENSE! We all like sex; sex is great!

Why do women need to be shamed just for simply enjoying it too?

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The Take-Home Message


There is nothing wrong with being feminine if you want to, but it shouldn’t be an obligation for women to have these standards pushed on us by society.

It should be YOUR CHOICE.

We, as a society, all need to start lowering the bar for women and stop telling women how to act.

Everyone is an individual, and everyone should be recognised as that - not by our gender!