Developing emotional intelligence is one of the most important things to improve upon to make the best decisions possible.

Often, we get caught up in automatic emotional reactions.

Here's how you develop emotional intelligence in 3 simple steps


1. Find & recognise


Instead of following the primary sequence of thoughts, feelings and emotions, try and recognise negative/toxic thoughts that crop up.

Ask yourself questions about the reason and origin of those feelings/thoughts.

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2. Emotional management


You have to accept that you'll constantly bounce along the spectrum of human emotion throughout your entire life.

Since permanent happiness doesn't exist, you'll have to learn how to rationalise your emotions and take control over them instead of letting them take control over you.


3. Listen


Emotional intelligence is an essential aspect of not only personal growth but also social relationships.

Often, we tend to react and try to instil our opinion in social interactions.

Try and be present, listen to people and try to understand their thought processes and emotions.