Get A Beautiful Flawless Complexion Using Foundation

Does your foundation always end up cakey, patchy or flaky a few hours later after application, yet your unsure why ?

Have you longed to have dewy smooth glowing foundation that lasts all day long ?

Do you feel stressed with the whole idea of make up and feel make up just isn't for you and that it will never look good on your skin ?

Don't worry, if this is you, it is fixable and today I am going to show you how to fix all your foundation woes.

I have been here before in your shoes, feeling stressed and upset by how horrible and dull my make up used to look. Things have changed now and my make up looks much more amazing than ever and by following these simple steps, you too can have beautifully flawless skin that radiates beauty and confidence.

If you take the time to get each of these steps right, you WILL have a base so smooth and beautifully prepped for the application of all your other make up products.

Without a good base, things tend to quickly fall apart, so make this a priority for you, to get this step right so you can have no more make up struggles in future.


1. It Starts With The Cleanse


Having perfectly smooth foundation all starts way before you even think of applying it.

Having a clear, smooth base in which to apply your products, comes from a consistent cleansing routine that includes exfoliating, serums and deep cleansing masks.

If you do not exfoliate your face, the dead skin cells will accumulate on your skin, so that when you apply foundation, those skin cells will peel away and mix with your product resulting in flaky, patchy, lifeless looking skin.

Exfoliating buffs away those dead skin cells and dirt, leaving your skin with a fresh glowing base perfect for foundation.


2. Primed To Perfection


Not only will priming your face prolong your make up for much longer, using the right kind of primer can also combat dry skin too, like our hydrating kind, you can find here

Using a primer will create a smooth base for your makeup, hydrating and nourishing your skin too. It can even reduce oil and redness which is a must for me personally. It helps to fill in the wrinkles and fine lines and make your pores appear smaller.

It is one of those steps you cant really afford to skip, if you truly want that perfect base.


3. Say No To The Slide


When priming and moisturising, always leave your skin 5 to 10 minutes before applying any make up. If you apply instantly, the products will slide all over your face as the moisturiser/primer hasn't had time to settle into the skin properly.

You can't have a perfect base if it has slipped clean of your face, can you?

4. Are You On First Base ?


If your primer is silcone based and you use a water based foundation on top, say bye bye to perfect foundation. They just do not work well together and vice versus. The foundation will basically disintegrate and disperse.

Use a matching base to combat this problem.

The word 'Aqua' in the ingredients is for water but if you see words ending in -cone, -methicone, or -siloxane within the first few ingredients then this is a silicone based product.

It is a real simple tip that some people don't even  know about. Definitely bear it in mind.

jealous-weekends-cjadYPpTpeE-unsplash (1)

5. Are We A Perfect Match ?


If you have snow white pale milky skin and your walking around like a flaming orange oompa loompa, it doesn't matter how perfectly smooth and glorious your application is. Your gonna look ridiculous. Especially with that obvious defined line between your face/chin and the rest of your body where they clearly don't match up.

Just NO!

Always test the shade on your face before purchasing and in good day light, so step as close to a window as you can get. A flawless finish is one where you can barely tell your wearing any foundation in the first place.

If you need extra help, let me step right in. 😉

My job is to colour match my clients skin to their perfect foundation shade and with that I also create personalised 'Look-books' for them, like the sample you see below.

If you want your own free personalised complimentary  'Look-book' made up with no obligation to buy any products,

then email me here at

LM23_ProductiveandFree (1)
LM23_ProductiveandFree (2)
LM23_ProductiveandFree (3)

6. Tap Tap Tap


When it comes to tools, I say use what works best for you. There is no one magic thing I would say works best because we all have our own opinions and feel for certain ways of doing things.

I like the beauty blender and the heat from my hands to melt the product onto my skin. Not most hygienic perhaps, but that is what works for me.

One thing that will change your whole overall application and create that seamless finish is, tapping. I recommend tapping the product onto your skin with your fingers, blender or brush because if you rub your foundation vigorously, it  just ends up  pulling the product off the skin. It can create patches and if you suffer with super dry skin as well, you will end up creating more flakes and unwanted issues like I mentioned above because your fingers or tools are flaking apart the dry skin.

Not the smooth look you where after, right.

Trust me, tapping is the way to go.

I like to swipe a little product gently around first for 10 seconds, then with the remainder, tap it gently but firmly into the skin.

7. Blending Is Key


If you have a line around the chin and neck or the hairline, it is gonna be obvious you are wearing foundation. Take 5 minutes extra at the end to go over these areas and remember to always blend down the neck.

No excuses!


8. Setting or Finishing Spray ?


Get both if you want the best results.

The setting spray will prolong your make up by keeping it in place and the finishing spray will create moisture to your make up to reset it throughout the day to avoid that dreaded cakeyness we talked about earlier.

No cakes allowed here unless it's the edible kind. 😀


You are now on the right road to having a flawless beautiful complexion using the perfect foundation application TIPS AND TRICKS.

Obviously there is a lot of other factors at play here, such as drinking water, eating healthy, exercising, not smoking, cutting back on alcohol etc. These of course are  going to help your overall skin appearance and health but with  these tips above they are going to help you get started with getting the basics down with your make up application.

If you need to address those other issues, I recommend tackling them one at a time. I do clean eating and free fitness challenges all year round so feel free to stay connected on my socials to get a chance  to join in.

If you found this article helpful or want to share the 'Lookbook' complimentary gift with others, please feel free to share.


Last But Not Least


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Have a wonderful day gorgeous <3