Contrary to popular belief, the process of goal setting should be methodological.


What, how and why are the three most important questions you should ask yourself.

To set a tangible goal, you MUST know a couple of things:


1. What are your strengths and motives behind the goal? (What)

2. Is that goal your passionate heart-burning desire? (Why)

3. What is it that you can do right now to get you closer to your goal? (How)


By answering all these questions, you will ultimately arrive at one concrete goal you want to follow, whether it is about an already existing venture or something you start from scratch.



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Visualise your goals

Everything starts as an idea in the brain and then manifests in real life via your actions.


Here's how to prime your brain for achieving ANY goal:

1. Be specific

The more specific you are with your goal and thoughts about it, the more you will make the brain think of the best possible opportunities to achieve it.

2. Write!

Making a written plan towards your goal is technically the first step to getting this out of your head and into the world.

Write it down on paper.

3. Share with friends

If you have an idea or a goal, sharing it with a friend or a relative can be one of the best things, as that will get you external input and information you might have never thought about.

4. Create the blueprint

At the very start, the road to your goal may seem uncertain.

The more you prime the brain towards it, however, the more apparent the path becomes.

When that happens, sit down and write the steps required to reach the given goal.


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