How to make your closet work better for you

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A place for everything


A closet needs a system to function correctly and stay organised. Your system can be as complicated or as simple as you like, but the common factor in all closet organisation is that it needs to have a  place for everything. Once this is accomplished, the next step to master is to put everything in its place. This has to be done consistently to make your system work, taking time, practice, and a little self-discipline.

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Do some research


For instance, if the bottom of your closet is a sea of unmatched shoes and you have to conduct a scavenger hunt to find a matching pair – you need to find a home for every pair of shoes you own. This will probably mean investing in a shoe tree or a similar organisational helper. Before you buy, do some research – find out what is available in your price range and where you can find it. Ensure that there is enough room for your entire shoe collection and be forward-thinking – leave room for future growth. If you don’t do this, you will end up in the same situation as before but with less money in your wallet.

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Get organising


After you have found a home for all of your clothes (or shoes), take the time (every time) to put them back in their new spot. But don’t stop at just your shoes! Keep going, pick the next problem spot in your closet; you will know what it is by the level of frustration you experience as you try to find something. It could be belts, ties, workout clothes, socks, whatever it is –find a home for your items, put them there every time and soon it will become second nature, and you will never have to search your closet again.


What part of your closet will you begin with?