Maintaining your teeth can be a hassle at times; however, once you have gotten rid of all the plaque and the yellow tint, it's pretty simple to maintain them!

Please read this article for the best ways to get rid of yellow teeth and keep them white!

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Why Do Teeth Go Yellow?


Teeth go yellow when the enamel is stripped from the tooth, causing the teeth to go brittle and yellow.

This naturally occurs during ageing, as you have consumed more acids.

Lack of hygiene speeds this up as you haven't washed away the acids from your mouth, causing it to remove more enamel.

An unhealthy diet, such as sugary drinks and foods, tend to affect your teeth, as well as black coffee - These can stain your teeth and scrape away the enamel.

Smoking habits play a significant role in the hygiene of your teeth and many more damaging factors to your body.

The tar from smoking can stick to the teeth, causing brown and yellow patches.

It can even lead to gum disease and, in the worst cases, mouth cancers.

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How Can You Get White Teeth?


If you want your teeth to go white again, follow these tips below:

Wash your teeth and floss regularly!

Brushing your teeth a minimum of twice a day is essential to achieve and maintain white teeth.

As soon as your tongue starts to feel clogged and rough and you have a weird taste in your mouth, use that as an alarm to brush your teeth, as this is a build-up of bacteria from your food and drinks, along with tar, if you smoke!

If you are on the go - grab some mouthwash in your bag and use it to freshen up your teeth.

Mouthwash is an excellent way to help protect the teeth as long as it is not used straight after brushing your teeth, as it can wash away the concentrated fluoride left on your teeth after using toothpaste.

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Stop the bad habits or compensate for them.

Try to minimise sugary foods and drinks and if you have smoking habits, reduce them or quit!

Not only will this help your overall health, but it will also help drastically in the condition of your teeth.

However, if you are not going to minimise these factors, you should compensate for them by brushing more regularly throughout the day.

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Baking Soda

You can use baking soda in many ways to help your teeth go white again, as it has natural properties that help remove plaque and stains.

You can use baking soda by simply adding it to your toothpaste or baking soda to water to create a paste and then brushing your teeth afterwards.

Stick to a maximum of doing this once per week, as overusing this can cause damage to your teeth.

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Lack of hygiene is one of the main reasons why teeth go yellow in the first place, meaning that your main task is to establish a regular teeth care routine.

This is an important preventative measure, but if your teeth are already yellow, try and use some of the tips mentioned above and products.

Make sure not to overuse any of those products, as too much of anything is bad.

Please eliminate the bad habits that impact your teeth and maximize the good habits that help maintain their health.