Picture this, it's boiling, you are spending hours sunbathing to get your tan ready for summer, and your skin starts shedding like a snake...

Dry skin is very common, and most of us deal with this on a day to day basis.

But why does this happen, and what can you do to keep your skin glowing and hydrated?

Please have a read of my article as I will give you my top tips for maintaining dry skin.

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Why Does Skin Get Dry?


The main factors that lead to dry skin could be either environmental or habitual, and it is usually a mix of both.



The environment you are in plays a significant role in your skin condition, and it can, to a certain extent, determine the skincare routine you should follow!

Cold/windy weather conditions lower the humidity levels, which means lower moisture, which then causes your skin to dry.

Your indoor area can also be affecting your skin without you even noticing!

Whether it be your home or the office, A/C’s and heaters also lower humidity which means that your skin absorbs less moisture.

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Cleansing Routines/Products


Your cleansing routine and the products you use to hydrate and clean your skin can give you the opposite result of what you were hoping for!

Cleansing products like shampoos and soaps are produced to strip the natural oils from your body, taking away the moisture and leaving your skin dry.

Unnatural and scented cleaning products are guaranteed to have more and harsher chemicals than natural products do, which can further irritate your skin.

The more you use these types of products on your skin, the more your skin will suffer!

At least your skin will benefit from your nice long, hot, relaxing bath.


Prolonged hot baths/showers can also suck the moisture out of your skin, leaving it dehydrated.

Now, of course, that doesn’t mean you should avoid your favourite relaxing hot soaks, but use lukewarm water to help the skin better.

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Why Should You Take Care Of Your Skin?


For the goal of optimal skin health, paying attention to your skincare routine is essential.

Suppose the condition of your skin worsens over time, and you ignore the symptoms of it. In that case, you will more than likely experience unnecessary discomfort (i.e. your skin feeling tight and rough).

In severe cases, your skin could start to crack and bleed, which can lead to scabbing and even infections!

Of course, this is something you want to avoid, so let’s see what actionable steps you can take to improve your skin condition.

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What Can You Do?


To maintain your skin’s health, you first need to find out the things that damage it, whether it be from your personal care routine or the environment you are in.

Once you know the cause, follow the steps necessary to your specific needs as below.


Change The Routine


Change your cleansing routine; if you are one to frequently take hot baths/showers for extended periods, STOP.

Change to warm water, aim to wash for up to 10 minutes and avoid taking a shower more than once a day.

Also, make sure to scrub off any dead skin, but avoid using sponges that are too abrasive.

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This is one of the most essential steps to help you with dry skin.

It’s simple - dry skin equals low moisture, add moisturiser, and what do you get?


Adding moisturiser after the shower when you are not thoroughly dried off allows your skin to remain better hydrated over time.

Therefore moisturising after your bath/shower plays an essential role in keeping your skin nice and healthy.

Also, remember that each person’s skin responds differently to certain ingredients, so test around with different brands and products until you find something that feels right.

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Consider Your Environment


If you live in cold/windy weather conditions, cover as much of your skin as you can by wearing gloves, hats etc.

The less skin that is covered, the dryer your skin will become.

When the conditions are Dry, Humidify!

Using a humidifier in your home can help massively with the condition of your skin as it will help add moisture back to your skin which has been taken away from your AC/heaters.

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Best products/tips


Here are some of the best products/tips to help you achieve the glowing skin we all aim for:

Use natural hypoallergenic moisturisers.

Avoid scented moisturisers (fragrance equals more chemicals, which equals more damage to your skin)

Use Moisturising/Hydrating cleansing gels; hand wash, face cleanser and shower gels.

Oils for skin, like coconut oil.

Avoid harsh fabrics - switch to different clothing materials, like cotton, to avoid irritation to your skin.

Cover the skin

Wear gloves whilst cleaning, like doing the dishes or when using harsh cleaning products

Cover as much as you can when you are in extremely hot or cold weather conditions

Stop using soap as they are very drying to your skin - avoid soap and change to moisturising cleansers instead.

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The way to look after dry skin is first to identify why your environment is doing you wrong, or are you missing out on something in your skincare routine?

When you understand the reason, you can then take the necessary action to change your routine and environment, and your skin will be fine in no time!