There is NOTHING worse than spending hours on outfit planning, doing your makeup to make yourself feel like a celebrity, and then... You have a bird's nest on top of your head!

This can change your whole look, and the frustrating thing about it is that it can quickly get even worse, given that you don’t have the right products and hair care routine.

So how do we maintain damaged hair, and how do we stop it from getting worse?

This article will give you my best advice and tips on maintaining damaged hair and preventing further damage.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

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How Does Hair Get Damaged?


Hair gets damaged when the cuticle of your hair is disrupted. This can be caused by the heat when styling your hair, from friction when brushing or towel drying hair, overusing chemical products, like bleach or even strong shampoos and conditioners!

The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair - it has scales facing downwards, made from overlapping cells.

This protects the inner layers of the hair from damage. When the hair is damaged, these scales are lifted, which can cause dryness and split ends.

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What can you do about it?


Unfortunately, once your hair is damaged, it cannot be a hundred per cent repaired, but there are certain things you can do to stop any further damage.

This can include using certain products, modifying your hair care routine and even using different fabrics to dry your hair.

Here are my four best tips to help you bring your hair back to life!

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Use 100% Cotton To Dry Hair


Hair towels have a harsh texture, which can catch onto the hair's cuticle and cause further damage, creating even more split ends, leaving your hair looking dry and frizzy.

Switching to 100% cotton T-shirts is much better for the hair, as the fibres in cotton are close together, which allows the material to absorb the water without latching onto the cuticle.

Even though this is an often ignored factor, it is one of the most important steps in your hair care routine, so make sure you are using the right fabrics!

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Don't Overwash Hair


Overwashing your hair can be very damaging, as it strips your hair from its naturally secreted oils, causing dryness to the scalp.

This means that the more often you wash it, the more your hair will produce the natural oils to compensate, thus making the hair greasier.

As for shampoos, strip all of the natural oils from your hair; not only does it make the scalp dry, but it can also make the rest of your hair dry, leaving it looking brittle at the bottom and greasy at the top.

Overwashing your hair gives you the complete opposite result of what you’d ultimately want, so don't do it!

Wash your hair once every 2-3 days and avoid washing daily - if you don't need to wash it (i.e. you're not going anywhere), leave it! If it bothers you, add some dry shampoo instead.

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Use The Right Products


Using the right products is crucial for hair maintenance, meaning that certain products can be counterproductive to your goal.

Even more so, using too many of the right products can also be bad, meaning that you should pick a couple and stick to them.

Here are my top 4 best products for hair maintenance:

  • Argan Oil

  • Hair masks

  • Heat protector spray

  • Minimally processed shampoos

Including these products in your hair care routine will help you achieve better hair health and prevent further damage.

Now, a noteworthy mention here is that different hairs respond differently to certain products.

And so, ultimately, you should test different products and different brands and pick the one your hair responds to best.

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Don't Overuse Strong Chemicals.


Overusing strong chemicals is a big mistake that we often fall for to make your hair feel soft.

However, such products can cause more split ends and frizziness without you even noticing (though the advertisement dubs it ‘The best there is’)

For instance, certain hair care products promise an easy fix for your split ends.

However, split ends cannot be repaired, and those ‘promising’ products contain sticky substances like silicone, which only make it look like your ends are fixed.

In reality, you have glued your split ends together!

So again - stick to minimally processed products that have natural ingredients at the core of their formula.

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Your hair got damaged in the first place because you had a poor hair care routine.

So if you’re ready to create a more sustainable and less aggressive approach to hair maintenance, follow the advice I gave you in this article, as those are the most important aspects of it!

Now that you know the root of the problem, it is time to snip off the split ends and start fresh (pun intended).