5 Ways To Stay Consistent With Your Self Care Routine

Did you know that a consistent self care routine can create more productivity, happier moods, confidence, better physical health, sleep, knowledge, energy and stamina ? In turn this will give you an abundant of energy to give back to others in your life.

Why do you deny yourself of such amazing emotions and feelings ?

Why do you put yourself to the bottom of your priority list and deprive yourself of all those amazing benefits I just mentioned above ?

Have you been preprogrammed to always take care of others first before yourself ?

We are taught to believe it's selfish to put ourselves first, but in all reality if you are burned out and miserable, how will that help you to  excel in life and progress ? You need to fuel your tank first by taking care of all your physical and mental needs. By doing so you will create a positive/healthy energy to sprinkle into all other areas of your life.

If you don't take care of number one, what will be the alternative?

Hospital visits ? Having to take  medication ? Poor relationships ? No energy or drive to go after the success you want in life ?

The importance of a self care routine is more crucial than ever but actually following through and implementing a new routine on a continual basis is where the magic will happen.

It isn't easy to change routine and habits but when you know it can be a life changing element in your life, it's worth giving a proper shot right ?

Sticking to these new habits can be overwhelmingly hard at times and that's where I am coming in to help you. With my 5 tips to stay motivated and remain consistant with your self care routine, you can reap all those positive benefits and more to steer you on the path to more happiness and success. Are you ready to give yourself that massive self hug you have been needing ?

I thought so.

Let's dive in.



1. Dig a little deeper


Figure out what is in it for you.

Why is doing these things important to you ?

Dig a little deeper.

What do you even want in life ?

What feels lacking in your life ?

For example, do you want to slim down ? If so, then exercise and healthy foods are going to be high up on your priority list. You need to clearly distinguish why you want to be slim. Perhaps you have a wedding coming up and you want to fit into a gorgeous dress. Then ask yourself again, why do you want to fit into this absolute knock out of a dress. Maybe you want to feel confident and look amazing in your photographs instead of self conscious, so you have a better time with your friends ?

Another example, you may want better skin, so you need to create a better skincare ritual, right ? Why do you want a better skincare ritual?  Maybe you want to look younger with less puffy eyes and wrinkles ? Why do you want that ? You want to feel more attractive and confident to go ask that guy out that caught your eye last weekend.

I know it sounds tedious delving this deep into why you want these things but when you actually crack through the surface,  the reasons you uncover will be your driving force to make your self care a priority for you.

Once you understand what you want and what it all truly means to you, will you be able to make that consistant decsion to see it through much more easily.


2. Schedule it in


Adding all your self care tasks into your calendar and giving it a time and place will give you a greater chance of actually keeping those things on your radar and getting them done. It is  easy to let things slide if you don't plan them properly, so we need a strategy to keep you focused

Set alarms so you have absolutely no excuses.

Trust me, since I started writing everything down, things magically seem to get accomplished and you cant beat that feeling you get when you tick off all your to do's. And self care feels good anyways so your gonna feel doubly awesome!



3. Make It Inviting


Not all self care rituals will be met with joy, motivation and excitement.

For instance, a new exercise regime, might be exciting to start with but as you grow tired and achy that excitement sometimes starts to taper off and your brain will start coming up with a million excuses as to why you should quit.

So what to do ?

Make every teeny little detail more inviting.

Get a cute new workout top or trainers, how about a fitbit in a funky new colour, a new exercise journal in pretty bold colours, a new water bottle with a cool design.

You get the idea here, you need to add in the fun factor.

How about for your bathtime, invest in  a new facemask scrub, bubbles and scents. A new yummy candle to go with the season perhaps. It is autumn currently, how about pumpkin spice or cinnamon  ? Mmm...

Can't be bothered painting nails, or feel you suck at it like me, go to a salon and get them done professionally.

Enjoy it.

Savour it.

How about team with up with friends. Have a pamper night, dinner date or cook a healthy meal together. Go walking and catch up. Being with others keeps you accountable and it is more fun as well.

Always try to make everything that bit more inviting and how could you possibly say no ?


4. Take action before your brain says no

This book by Mel Robbins is a great tool to use for the days you feel like skipping that time you set out for yourself.

The concept, in a nutshell, is to not give your brain any time to talk yourself out of the things you scheduled to do.

When that alarm goes off, you simply count '54321' and instantly stand up and walk towards the task you are meant to be starting. Sometimes that first initial action of getting up is the hardest part and afterwards you will find that the momentum flows more easily.

Simple and effective,


5. Celebrate

Remember, you are making your world a more vibrant, fun and happier place to be for everyone in your life. Your changing for the better and looking after you. Really relish how you feel when you do something good for your mind, body and spirit.

Celebrate those good feelings you are experiencing. Nothing you do that provides better health and happiness is a waste of time.

Celebrate you and how amazing you really are.

Acknowledging how well you are doing, patting yourself on the back, giving your self a wee reward now and again as well, will keep you right on track.

You deserve the best. Look after you. Protect your health, happiness and harmony and the rest will follow.