Chocolate Swirl Side Bun Hair Tutorial

Ever feel stuck in a rut with your hair styling routine, always wear it down (like me) or whip it up in a ponytail each day cause you can't think what to do with it or you don't have the energy to do anything too extreme ?

That was sooo me for pretty much the past two years, just keeping it styled the same way which consisted of straight or curly always worn down. So I have decided to push myself, to break free from the normal routine of 'boring hair' and create some fun, new, EASY looks over the next few months.

Hopefully I will inspire you to try something new today too 🙂

Today's look is super easy but really cute!

I introduce you to the chocolate swirl bun.


***Pre warning: I am a real foodie so no doubt will name all my hairstyles after something food related .


Step 1


Brush your hair out and apply dry shampoo all over your hair to create some texture. Brush that all through before beginning to style.


Step 2


Pull your hair back to a ponytail at the nape of your neck slightly pulled to one side where you want the base of your bun to be.


Step 3


Next is favourite part (I don't know why ) is twisting the ponytail into one long sausage twist.


Step 4


Twist the hair up into a bun and secure with bobby bins, tucking the end tail underneath out of sight and securing it so it doesn't stick out.


That's it.


Super simple, gorgeous and effortless. This is perfect for mums who don't have much time in the morning but still want to look put together.


I am all about simplicity plus I can't do anything too complex. YET!




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Chow  for now.


Christina xxx