How To Dress for Success – Tips for Women

By Christina Campbell | 27th June 2021

Do a little research   Are you a woman who is interested in dressing for success? Whether you would like…

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Two Keys To Boosting Your Inner Confidence

By Christina Campbell | 25th June 2021

There are all kinds of strategies, ways of thinking, patterns of behaviour and practical tips for improving your life and…

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4 Tips On How To Treat Adult Acne

By Christina Campbell | 20th June 2021

People have this misconception that acne only happens during the teenage years and gradually wears off as they age. This…

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How to make your closet work better for you

By Christina Campbell | 17th June 2021

A place for everything   A closet needs a system to function correctly and stay organised. Your system can be…

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4 Simple Methods to Clear Up Acne Scars

By Christina Campbell | 13th June 2021

Acne scars can be a major inconvenience to anybody as it gives the idea of a bad skin complexion and…

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9 Ways To Combat Fear

By Christina Campbell | 11th June 2021

Fear gets to the best of us, whether it is fear of failure, fear of success, or even fear of…

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20 Simple Wrinkle Erasers

By Christina Campbell | 9th June 2021

Ageing of the skin is a natural process by which the collagen and elastin, that keep our skin looking firm…

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3 Steps To Discovering The Purpose of Your Life

By Christina Campbell | 6th June 2021

Determining our purpose in life can be one of the most challenging questions that we humans must answer. In this…

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Wake Up Your Make Up Look 3 – Alena, Goddess Of Fire – Gold, Fire Orange Make Up Tutorial

By Christina Campbell | 18th February 2021

Spring is on its way. The snow has melted but I am heating things up today with my new summer…

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Wake Up Your Make-Up Look Two – Caone Goddess of Youth – Silver, gold and green eyeshadow tutorial

By Christina Campbell | 10th February 2021

If you like shimmery metallics and 5-minute look’s to get you out the door fast, then read on.   I…

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