5 social media tips to keep things positive

Do you ever get sick of social media?


Some days I am all upbeat and excited to hop on to see what everyone is up too but sometimes I can end up feeling a little flat.

So much negativity at times. So much comparison to others lives making us feel we don't quite par up. After all, social media is just a glimpse of all the best bits into peoples lives. Who actually knows what their true inner turmoil really is.

Just remember you’re in control of what you read and how often, so take some action. Here are some top tips to ensure social media is a benefit, not the opposite.


Here's 5 tips to improve your experience online.


    1. Don’t mindlessly scroll, do it with purpose, set yourself a task of interacting with a set number of posts or be on there for a set time. This is far more productive. Definitely don’t reach for social media if you are upset or feeling sad, message a friend instead.
    2. Be picky about who is on your social media and don’t be afraid to disconnect from overly negative people. If your timeline is full of bad vibes, then interact with more of the positive people and ditch the argumentative ones. I am going through my friends list daily and getting rid of the ones that I don't get good vibes from.
    3. Breed some positivity. Try and post about happy things and make people smile. This doesn’t mean faking how you feel or pretending bad days don’t happen, but don’t only post when you have something to moan about. You want people to be lifted up when they read your posts.
    4.  Take a digital day off. You won't regret spending time doing hobbies you love, being present with family, get some personal work projects completed or sitting in silence either at home or in nature,
    5.  Don't allow haters to ruin the experience. There will always be someone out there to rain on your parade. Remember the good you put out into the world. Ultimately their rude projections upon you is an inner reflection of hatred in themselves or their feeling that they are lacking in something. They need to do some inner work but you can choose to stay strong and rise above,

You get out what you put in online so the more active and positive you are the more you will benefit, whether that is personally or with your business.