Dry skin is a common problem amongst people, but certain things can enhance hydration and give you your glow back!

Here are my 7 tips to improve skin hydration:


1. Drink water

Six to eight glasses per day will give the body all the water it needs to sustain its functioning and skin health.

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2. Moisturise

Adding natural moisturisers to your skin-care routine is one of the best skin intervention routines to keep skin hydrated and smooth.


3. Eat plants

Plants like cucumbers and watermelons contain plenty of water and electrolytes, which can help you get your baby skin back!

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4. Bathing

Avoid showering too often, as that may deprive you of the naturally produced body oils, thus making the skin dry.


5. Soap

Try and avoid soap, as it mainly dries your skin.

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6. Exfoliate

Properly exfoliating your skin is a vital thing to do for the better health of your skin.

Do that up to 3 times per week!


7. Use honey

Honey has a variety of properties, both for internal functioning and our outside, visual looks.

Take 1 tsp of honey (and optionally matcha tea, powdered) and make a face mask.