7 Tips To Create Even Skin Tone, Using Concealer

Do you hate those eye bags that make you look slightly zombified and like you haven't slept in a decade ?

Does your  hormones play havoc on your skin each month, making you feel self conscious ?

Does your sensitive skin break out in angry red patches leaving you feeling upset and not pretty ?

We all have skin issues. If you don't, your super lucky. I hate you!

Just kidding. 😉

Lucky for us ladies that do suffer at the hands of skin flare ups, we have some nifty tools at our fingertips to help ease the stresses on our skin.

NOTE: Always seek professional advice from your doctor first though. There could be some treatment especially for you and if you  have been experiencing incredibly debilitating problems with your self esteem because of your skin problems, then it is important to reach out and talk to someone.

I know beauty is much more than skin deep but if your feeling down about it and it is upsetting you, giving yourself a little helping hand with make up to boost your confidence is a major plus in my book.

Now, with that said, let's set to work making our skin troubles a thing of the past.

Here is my 7 Tips To Use Concealer Correctly To Even Out Skin Tone And Add A Healthy Glow



1. Prep Your Skin

If you don't cleanse properly, exfoliate 1/2 per week and do a deep cleansing treatment often, your only going to add more problems to your face as soon as you start to add your make up.

If there's still dirt or old make up present, there is going to be multiple different layers of gunk upon your face, so how can you end with with smooth flawless glowing skin if the canvas isn't completely bare to begin with?

It will be an impossible feat.

Then you will get discouraged and declare make up is the worst thing on the planet.


Cleanse, exfoliate and treat accordingly, so you can apply your foundation and concealer perfectly.

Read my blog post on how to make your foundation flawless here:


Now your skin is in order, it is time to bring out that glorious little magic number and disguise all those troublesome areas.

Trust me, a concealer is a game changer and you definitely need a good one!


2. Application Care

Applying concealer using a brush is more sanitary than using your fingers. However,  I like using my figures because the warmth of my hand melts the product beautifully into my skin.

You choose what method you prefer. I know people who use a beauty blender to conceal their eye bags.

If it works, do it.

If it doesn't, find something that does.

What is really important to watch out for, is taking care when blending underneath the eye area. Work the product ever so gently because the skin under the eye is very delicate and damage can be caused if you rub or tug too much.

I recommend you pat the concealer and tap softly around the edges of the area you are trying to conceal, nice and gently. If rub too hard the concealer will just rub off and be ineffective.


3. Colour Combating


Did you know different coloured concealers can fix certain issues ?

  • Green concealer can combat redness.


  • Purple can brighten yellow skin tones


  • Pink can fight dark circles on fairer skin


  • Yellow can cover bruises and veins, bascially anything that has a purplish tint.


  • Orange can conceal best on darker skin tones, especially the under eye area.

I particularly love wearing green concealer around my nose, as that is where I tend to be most red. It works so so well.

5. Fade Away


To make breakouts fade away and blend more smoothly, use a little concealer brush and dab the concealer onto the centre of the spot a few times until it looks less visible.

Once your happy, gently blend outwards around the spot in a circle to smooth away the edge into the rest of your foundation. Gentle is key as you do not want rub the concealer completely off, ruining the desired effect.

Also, adding the wrong shade, especially a too light colour, will make the spot more noticeable, so we need the exact same shade as our foundation to make those spots fade away seamlessly.

I can colour match you perfectly, so click here to set up a colour match appointment with me FREE.


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6. Dark Vs Light

Sculpt your skin and create a healthy glow by mixing the shades of concealer you use for a particular area of your face.


  1. Use 1 – 2 shades lighter for highlighting
  2. Use 1 – 2 shades darker for contouring.

A little more technical but fun if your up for experimenting.

6. Dark Vs Light


Sculpt your skin and create a healthy glow by mixing the shades of concealer you use for a particular area of your face.


  1. Use 1 – 2 shades lighter for highlighting
  2. Use 1 – 2 shades darker for contouring.

A little more technical but fun if your up for experimenting.

7. Don't Let It Budge


Set the whole foundation/concealer with translucent powder or setting spray so your make up stays put and is fresh for as long as possible.


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Have a glorious day <3