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How do you change your mood?


Some days are down right horrendous, wouldn't you agree ? The dog poops on the couch, the cat tries to eat the bird, knocks the cage with food and water splashing and scattering everywhere, the kids become monsters and rebel over the teeniest issue, you forget important appointments , you stump your toe on the couch for millionth time...

You get the point...

This was  literally a day in my life this week.. Glass of wine is needed!


Hey! It's ok though to feel this way. I know lots of people go through much worse than what I do and we all should be grateful  for what we have but we are humans at the end of the day, we are allowed to feel crappy now and again... It is natural...


Just remember it is important to make ourselves feel better too and take time out.

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Let's Make Life Better


It is also important for ourselves to recover in a kind way, from a bad day.

We all have bad days or moods and it is important to take time for ourselves when we can to recharge and recalibrate our minds and bodies.

But modern life doesn’t always allow us to run off on yoga retreats when the whim takes us, so what mood changers are easier to access?

Here are a few ideas to try.

  • Get an early night – sleep has a huge effect on mood, mental health and your immune system -  I don't sleep enough. I am an ideas person, I get excited and want to do 'all the things', but I have been burnt out A LOT recently so sleep is crucial for me right now.


  • Exercise – even just a walk can lift your mood and get some endorphins flowing. Walking makes me feel a million dollars! Although, the kids aren't always cooperative with going for long walks and the Scottish weather isn't always favourable but investing in a treadmill means NO excuses now!


  • Hug someone – close contact with people we love boosts your mood without fail. Or hug the poochies....


  • Music – favourite tunes are uplifting and give you a burst of energy or creativity. Dancing around like a loony always makes me feel great!


  • Healthy snacks – it is easy to reach for a sugar rush and the chocolate when we are down but try a handful of nuts or some fruit as it will have a better effect on you.


  • TV – watch a favourite film or comedy, this escapism can be a good way to relax and switch off. I am more a horror kind of girl but that can leave me feeling more anxious so I love a good Disney film. Moanna feel good vibes !! Yes please.


  • Journaling – writing all your problems and worries down can often be enough to help relieve the stress. This is something I am doing more of recently and it is great to get to the root of some ongoing issues.


What is your favourite mood changer? Comment below !